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One of the key focus areas for MultiGro Africa is hands-on Project and Shutdown Management with a strong focus on installation and replacement of new and existing equipment to improve plant reliability.

The Management portion is backed up with experience in maintenance, project management and engineering from the Fuel, Wood, Pulp, Mining, Agriculture and Sugar industries.

Shutdown Planning & Execution

  • Shutdown planning for Paper mills, Mining material handling plants and Timber handling plants
  • Shutdown scope of work preparation.
  • Projects bar charts to determine resource levels and utilities needed.
  • Shutdown execution with mechanical and boiler making teams with appointed supervision.


Plant Maintenance & Optimazation

  • Plant Maintenance strategy optimization
  • Conditioning monitoring of pipelines and Equipment
  • Diffuser Chain replacement and alignment (Sugar)
  • Condition monitoring of mechanical and electrical equipment and piping systems to predict failures pro-actively
  • Investigating of failures and propose solutions.



  • Manufacturing and Installation of new structures 
  • Relocating of plants
  • Expansion projects on Citrus and Tropical process plants
  • Installation of Evaporator plants


Equipment Experience

  • Diffusers maintenance and chain replacement
  • Mining material handling equipment
  • Mills, Horizontal, Vertical, FAG, SAG with balls or rods
  • Gyratory and Cone crushers
  • Conveyor belts and Apron feeders
  • Thickeners steel and concrete
  • Slurry pumps and sumps installation and designs
  • Press and Disc Filter systems 
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tanks and storage vessels 
  • Paper machines


Project & Contract Management

  • Project Management 
  • Project planning.
  • Project execution
  • Integrated Design and Consulting


Mechanical, Structural, Civil Design & Drafting

Drawing Office:

Detailed engineering of 3D models and /or 2D drawings of physical components. From conceptual design and layout of products, through strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components. The office consists out of 3 detail design modellers and 2 detailers. That gives us a combined amount of 850 working hours a month available to our clients. We have the latest and up to date software and what we don’t have we are willing to procure to meet our client’s needs.

3D Laser scanning:

Our 3D Scanning is done by a third party for us and given over to us to produce the final product or to achieve the desired result needed from the 3D scan. This is a fast and accurate method of putting physical measurements of an object into the computer in an organized manner. The data is represented in a digital points cloud model and/or 3D graphical rendering. Once scan has been

performed and data has been captured, all dimensioning of the object/structure can be taken such as length, width, height, volume etc. 3D scanning is often use as a tool for retro fitting in an existing area.


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